Partnership Brokering

South-South Galaxy provides an enabling space for countries of the South, the UN system and other partners to work together on demand-driven initiatives. It will allow them to share their innovative good practices that could be beneficial to other Southern partners in priority areas related to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and other internationally agreed development goals identified by the countries of the South. South-South Galaxy will provide the space for user to also ask for solutions, if they are not able to find a similar solution to address their own development challenges.

Through such requests, South-South Galaxy administrators will review the requests and connect you with partners who have addressed similar challenges or connect you with UN experts who specialize in the respective thematic area to provide advisory support.

Featured South-South Cooperation Initiatives

UNOSSC and its partners leverage South-South and triangular collaboration to strengthen knowledge sharing, capacity building and technical assistance between countries through a number of initiatives. They facilitate the documentation and sharing of various models, approaches and tools for South-South cooperation that can help countries to realize their shared aspirations for achieving sustainable and equitable development.


South-South Galaxy provides Southern partners with information on existing financing mechanisms to support the implementation of their South-South Cooperation initiatives:

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South-South Galaxy Call for Project Proposal Announcement

South-South Galaxy will provide targeted support to a limited number of selected project proposals through its annual “call for project proposal”. The South-South Galaxy team will review the submitted proposals and once a project proposal is selected, the team will reach out to interested partners mobilize resources for the “Star Project”. Three “Star Projects” will be selected annually.


South-South Galaxy provides an array of services to assist Southern governments and development partners to deliver successful results on South-South and triangular cooperation projects and programmes and promote the inclusion of Southern development solutions and perspectives during the preparation of various development policies and strategies. Such services will allow partners to connect with countries to the world of knowledge, resources and networks of best practice they need to achieve development breakthroughs.

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