Deadline Extended to 24 Jan 2020 – Call for Submissions: Gender-Responsive SSC on Peace & Development

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Gender issues are central part of cooperation between countries, and in particular on peace and development spheres. A gender sensitive South-South cooperation (SSC) approach on peace and development, will pave the way for forming a powerful tool for more inclusive and sustainable development. Developing countries hold a wealth of experiences, solutions, innovations and good practices. To leverage SSC to advance the gender equality on peace and development, it is critical to the overall process of utilizing SSC as catalyst for development and peace in the global south. As such, this research will address the challenges, opportunities and potentials of SSC in fostering and strengthening the gender sensitive SSC engagement on peace and development agenda.

Goals and Objectives

This proposed research aims to examine and explore the role of the SSC in strengthening the prospects for women, girls and youth to be included in peace and development processes. The research aims to highlight the challenges and opportunities in transforming and changing the peace and development framework. it also aims at building a robust and inclusive framework on peace and development that incorporate and accommodates the cognitive structure and perspectives of women girls and youth, as critical to the overall peace and development processes in their respective countries.

UNOSSC invites eligible contributors from the South-South Global Thinkers Network to submit expressions of interest together with an abstract/outline directly responding to one of the three requested chapters III, IV, V referring to case studies from the countries mentioned in the guidelines. Eligible contributors need to refer to the concept note and the guidelines and questions attached. Following the publication of the research, UNOSSC aims to draw critical analysis to the potentials of SSC in advancing and strengthening women, girls and youth inclusion in peace and development agenda.

Proposed Chapters

Chapter I: Introduction: The Gender Dimension of SSC on Peace and Development, aims and objectives.
Chapter II: Background; How to expand the SSC engagement in gender sensitive peace and development agenda?
Chapter III: The Prospects for Inclusiveness, case study: South-South Cooperation potential in strengthening the gender dimension of Peace and Development in Burundi Rwanda, Sudan. (Africa)
Chapter IV: The Prospects for Inclusiveness, case study: Latin America South-South Cooperation potential in strengthening the gender dimension on Peace and Development in countries in Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua (Latin America).
Chapter V: The Prospects for Inclusiveness, case study: Asia South-South Cooperation potential in strengthening the gender dimension of Peace and Development. Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal (Asia).
Chapter VI: Knowledge sharing on gendered Peace and Development, and the Impact of SSC’s Platforms.
Chapter VII: Conclusion

Publication Timeline

(Expression of Interest Deadline extended to January 24th)

- Interested contributors are required to submit expressions of interest and brief chapter outlines (500 words in length) together with CVs and list of relevant publications to UNOSSC by December 16, 2019 for consideration.

- First drafts are to be submitted by February 20, 2020 while 2nd drafts to be shared with UNOSSC by April 15, 2020 and 3rd drafts are required by June 15, 2020.

- All submitted chapters must be the original work of the contributor(s). At the time of submission, submitted chapters should not have been previously presented, submitted or accepted for publication or published. All chapters will undergo double blind peer review prior to publication.

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