Director-General of Thailand International Cooperation Agency Visits UNOSSC’s Asia-Pacific Office

By June 14, 2022 June 16th, 2022 News

On 8 June 2022, Mrs. Ureerat Chareontoh, Director General of Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA) led a TICA delegation to discuss with co-hosts-UNOSSC and UNESCAP, on the preparations for the Global South-South Development Expo 2022 (GSSD Expo 2022). The GSSD Expo 2022 will be held during 12-14 September 2022 at the United Nations Conference Centre (UNCC), Bangkok. TICA briefed the meeting on the tentative programme of the Expo, including a possible field visit related to Thailand’s community development and the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP) for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)s. UNESCAP updated the co-hosts on relevant logistical arrangements and facilities to be provided by UNCC.  The meeting was followed by a tour of the UNCC.

TICA Director-General, Mrs. Ureerat Chareontoh (centre) is welcomed at UNOSSC ROAP.

Ms. Chareontoh also accepted an invitation to visit the Regional Offices of the UN Office for South-South Cooperation. As her predecessors have done, this was an opportunity to reinforce the support provided by TICA to the UNOSSC Regional Office since 2017. The Director-General took the opportunity of her presence at the UN complex to visit UNOSSC. She and her team were met by Mr. Denis Nkala, UNOSSC Regional Coordinator and other UNOSSC staff.  The Regional Coordinator thanked the Director for the consistent strong support by TICA.

UNOSSC Regional Coordinator and TICA Director-General

TICA Delegation and UNOSSC ROAP Staff