South-South in Action: SESRIC – Transforming Potentials into Shared Prosperity

By September 8, 2020 May 6th, 2021 Publications, South South in Action, UN SSC Day Publications


Since its founding in 1978, SESRIC has been a focal point for South-South technical cooperation and a facilitator for the exchange of knowledge, experience and best practices among OIC Member States. The main purpose of this report is to share the experiences, including successful policies, initiatives and best practices, of the Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC), in addressing the development challenges of OIC Member States using South-South and triangular cooperation modalities.

There are a number of opportunities and potentials that still need to be tapped to achieve prosperity in the South. SESRIC is marking a major milestone with a strong record of achievements. Sustaining and further strengthening these achievements in order to expand development gains will be an important task in the years ahead.