South-South Experience Exchange Facility

By November 16, 2020 Others

Launched in 2008 as a multi-donor trust fund, the South-South Experience Exchange Facility (South-South Facility or SSF) enables the sharing of development experience and knowledge among developing and emerging countries by funding knowledge exchange activities. These knowledge exchanges are based on demand expressed by World Bank client countries seeking to address development challenges or implementation bottlenecks. The South-South Facility is funded by nine donors (China, Colombia, Denmark, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom), six of which are emerging economies.

In twelve years of operation, it has provided financial and methodological support to 250 South-South exchanges with 118 countries receiving knowledge from 110 countries. The South-South Facility has produced online results stories capturing the early results and lessons learned from 190 knowledge exchanges. Results Stories are usually prepared shortly after a knowledge exchange is completed, and they focus essentially on the preparation and implementation processes of the exchange, the lessons learned and the outputs. Since 2017, the South-South Facility Secretariat has been reaching out to past beneficiaries of SSF funding to take stock of the long-term effects of South-South knowledge exchanges that were conducted four to eight years earlier. The South-South Facility now has several development outcome stories documenting its development impact on the ground and providing evidence of how South-South peer learning can inspire local decision-makers to take action.