Good Practices

In collaboration with Member States, United Nations entities and development partners, UNOSSC has been conducting a compilation of lessons learned entitled “Good practices in South-South and triangular cooperation for sustainable development”.  The compilation features best practices from the global South that are relevant to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. It presents notable solutions at the national, subregional, regional and global levels to crucial challenges faced by developing countries in eradicating poverty, reducing inequality, supporting climate change action and creating peaceful and cohesive societies. They feature innovative initiatives that illustrate the central tenets of effective South-South and triangular cooperation, including initiatives that involve and benefit a great number of people in two or more Southern countries, that address transnational development challenges, that present solutions that have been piloted and scaled up, and that have tangible development outcomes that address the attainment of all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The evidence gathered in these good practices aim to benefit developing countries that seek to scale up South-South and triangular cooperation initiatives, in particular with respect to widening the application of policies, strategies and programmes.